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When It Comes to ADULT PHONE CHAT, nothing’s better than doing it LIVE

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You are looking for Adult Chat then I know you will like what I have to offer. But first, let me tell you a little about myself! Back in 1997, fresh out of college, I spent 2 years working in the corporate world, trying to put into practice what I had been taught in college, experiencing the corporate life for the first time, and not liking it one bit.

In college, I had worked as a phone sex girl in order to supplement my income and whilst this was just a part time job, I had never had any problem showing up for work, indeed, I remember looking forward to some sexy time talking “dirty” on the phone with men I had never met. But as soon as I got that “real job” that we all dream about, I realized that I was no longer looking forward to go to work and indeed it was becoming a real effort just to show up. Gradually, I realized that I would be better off working for myself, and this is exactly what I did.

If you have ever phoned a sex line before, you will know that all is not equal in this industry. Indeed, whilst the competition seems to have exploded, very very few companies remain true to their commitment of providing a service their callers can actually afford.

However, If you look through some of the offers available today, and get to sample “the goods” personally, you soon realize that when it comes to quality, the majority of the offers out there are just a marketing plot to get the caller through the front door.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I too want you to call me and my girls and enjoy the pleasures of erotic chats together, but I also know that if my service to you is not of the highest quality, you will likely never call my number again. After nearly 15 years in the adult chat industry, you can say that my callers like what they get!

You see, I do really want to establish a long term relationship with you, and I can only do this if my prices are right, and my service is the best you can ever find.

Judging by the number of repeat callers, I know that my phone sex girls and I offer the best and for anyone looking for explicit chat for cheap, my sexy chat line is certainly one which you should call immediately.

Let me share a little secret! A great number of my competitors advertise dozens upon dozens of girls, each and every of them with a unique specialty specially tailored to any customer’s need. When you browse through some websites, it is not uncommon to see a list featuring the availability of  these girls (and guys), with pictures, details and personal information pertaining to what they like to do. The truth is that many companies use the same person for a variety of characters and roles and when all is said and done, these companies don’t have that many girls working for them. Even though our company has been in the adult phone chat  business for over 15 years now, we don’t claim to have the largest selection of girls but what we do say is that the girls who work for us are the best in the business. Our phone sex girls come from all corners of society. Some work with us on a full time basis, whilst others spend their free time giving phone orgasms to their callers as a means to expand their own personal sexual horizons, as well as earning some extra money. As such we have many stay at home moms, secretaries, professionals, as well as women living various life styles, such as “mistresses with living slaves at home”, cock teasers, and way too many other special ladies to list here. We of course have shemales, and men for your delicious pleasures.

Of course, you might think that when I claim that my own sex line is way better than others, I am doing exactly what others have done on their own website. And of course you would be right. Until you actually call me (or any of my girls) nothing I can say to you here can act as proof that I am correct and that the phone sex you will receive from me will be the very best money can buy. To find out how incredible I can make you feel, you must give me a call!” One call to open the gates to a world of untold pleasure where you will finally be able to let go of all your inhibitions and realize your most secret fantasies.

This is what adult phone chat is all about. Don’t settle for less!

One call is all it takes and one you make it, I know you will love it! I am looking forward to the pleasure of making you come!

By the way, you can talk about any all all fetish fantasies you are turned on by.  Are you into small dick phone sex humiliation? We are too! So pick up the phone and dial. We’re waiting and ready…  For YOU!